International Winter Festival

International Winter Festival

International Winter Festival – Festivals are not only held by presenting the cultures of certain regions, but these festivals sometimes provide interesting entertainment.

Winter festivals in various countries, not only exhibition of ice sculptures, you know! For example Austria, which has a unique festival called Snowbombing. This festival can only be attended by visitors aged 21 and over.

Located in the ski town of Mayrhofen, Snowbombing is a kind of music party driven by jokey (DJ) discs. Not only music, visitors can also do other exciting activities such as tug-of-war with groups to culinary delights.

Winter is not just an exhibition of ice sculptures or Snowbombing. Here are ten international winter festivals that you should know about!

1. Stonehaven Fireball

Stonehaven Fireball is a popular winter festival in Great Britain. Participants travel around the city carrying fireballs, which they waddle around during the festival. This festival is held every December 31st, starting at seven in the evening.

2. Busójárás

Lasting six days, the festival showcases a variety of performances, from music to costume contests. Held in February in Hungary, busójárás is a festival that marks the end of winter.

3. Winterlude

The Winterlude Festival takes advantage of Ottawa’s frozen waters of the Rideau Canal. Taking place from late January to mid-February, this free festival is often used by visitors to go skating to enjoy live music.

4. Hirosaki Castle Yuki-doro Matsuri

Hirosaki Castle Yuki-doro Matsuri is a lantern festival located in the grounds of Hirosaki Castle, Japan. Instead of being flown, lanterns are made of snow in which a lamp or candle is placed. This festival takes place in February.

5. Everland Lighting Festival

There are five lighting festivals in South Korea, one of which is the Everland Lighting Festival. This amusement park is conjured up with various light decorations that adorn the buildings to the park. The festival which takes place during winter, is also enlivened by fireworks.

6. Maslenitsa Festival

Going around the city wearing traditional clothes while playing musical instruments, burning straw dolls, and enjoying pancakes for free, is synonymous with the Maslenitsa Festival in Russia. This festival can be found from late February to early March, which marks the end of winter.

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7. Snow Bike Festival

Snow Bike Festival is organized by an event organizer in Switzerland during winter. This festival invites participants to play to bicycle races during winter, with cycling routes that run through the hills to the mountains.

8. Tomorrowland Winter

Not much different from Snowbombing, Tomorrowland Winter is a dance and music festival that takes place for a week in the ski town of Alpe d’Huez, France. This festival is full of adults.

After celebrating New Year’s Eve, the following day the Dutch people were busy with the Dutch New Year Dive. The festival is enlivened by swimming in cold beach water in winter.

10. Venetian Festival of Masks

The Venetian Masks Festival takes place from late January to mid February. The participants of this festival dress up using masks and unique costumes that have many decorations. Their existence is easily found near the canals of the City of Venice, Italy.

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