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Tourism Festival in North Sulawesi

Tourism Festival in North Sulawesi

Tourism Festival in North Sulawesi – Indonesia is a country with various ethnicities and races, with this diversity making Indonesia a country with various cultures and festivals.

Indonesia is an archipelago that is very beautiful and rich in culture. Indonesia’s natural wealth is a tourist attraction in itself. To attract tourists, each local government has its own policies.

In the province of North Sulawesi itself which is famous for its natural wealth and underwater beauty, it has its own way of attracting tourists. One of them is by holding a tourist festival filled with cultural activities and other things.

1. Manado Fiesta Festival

Manado is known as a city of high tolerance due to the diversity of cultures, ethnicities and religions that coexist. This festival aims to serve as a reflection of the tolerance of the city of Manado which maintains the existing harmony.

Usually, this activity contains many things, such as tourism exhibitions, trade, investment and regional superior products, ornamental garden exhibitions, painting exhibitions, children’s painting competitions, talk shows, workshops, and art performances. This event will usually be closed with a thanksgiving or thanksgiving which is celebrated throughout the city of Manado.

2. Tomohon International Flower Festival

Tomohon International Flower Festival is one of the most famous festivals. Usually this festival holds a flower parade and displays decorative vehicles decorated using flowers typical of Tomohon City and other areas.

Usually, flowers are decorated and displayed in various shapes and variations according to the characteristics of each participant. The decorative vehicle will be judged by a jury who has competence in the field of floriculture. Usually this festival is the most crowded with tourists, both domestic and foreign.

3. Enchantment Festival of Lembeh Strait

The Lembeh Strait Festival is enlivened by various competitions, such as decorative boats and a 10 km run. Not only that, the Lembeh Strait Enchantment Festival was also enlivened with coral planting, cultural arts performances, and jet ski attractions. At the peak of the event, there is usually a sailing pass followed by 200 boats.

For tourists who like culinary delights, you can taste the typical Bitung tuna sashimi. This is processed raw tuna which is thinly cut and dipped in soy sauce flavored with lemongrass leaves. Also served are boiled goroho banana or fried cassava typical of North Sulawesi.

Around the festival location, tourists can visit the ecotourism of Pasir Panjang Kahona Beach and Pintu Kota Mangrove Forest. For those who like diving, you can dive at several dive spots to enjoy the beautiful coral. Don’t forget, in the afternoon the Lembeh Strait is also a beautiful spot to watch the sunset.

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4. The Bunaken Enchantment Festival

The Bunaken Enchantment Festival aims to preserve underwater natural resources and cultural arts in the Bunaken area. In addition, this festival also aims to guarantee the sustainability of local tourism which in turn will increase tourist visits.

Apart from enjoying the cultural offerings, tourists can also enjoy the natural beauty of Bunaken’s underwater. This festival is usually enlivened by various activities and attractions, such as decorative boat races, cultural carnival competitions, and regional art competitions.

5. Tomini Bay Festival

The Tomini Bay Festival is included in the category of marine and cultural tourism. Recently, this type of marine tourism is very popular because there are many fun activities that can be done. Not only relaxing to enjoy the beauty of the beach, tourists can also do other activities, such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, even on certain beaches you can surf.…