Reason Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival is Always Crowded

Reason Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival is Always Crowded

Reason Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival is Always Crowded – The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival is one of the festivals that originated in Germany and is one of the best and most lively festivals in the world.

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival or what in Germany is called Kürbisausstellung Ludwigsburg is the largest pumpkin festival in the world. The annual festival in Germany, which runs from August 28 to November 1, is never empty of visitors.

Besides being equipped with music from talented musicians and bands, what makes people always interested in visiting? Come on, see the six reasons below.

1. Giant pumpkin art

Each year, this festival has a different theme. The artists built the pumpkin monument according to the theme. For example, “Under the Sea” where there are dolphins and blue whales made entirely of pumpkins. In fact, the theme of “Dinosaurs” with giant pumpkin-shaped dinosaurs has also been exhibited, you know.

Preparations for this festival begin in April, when various types of pumpkins are grown. A month later, the pumpkins were transported to Ludwigsburg. During the festival, more than 400 thousand of the six hundred types of pumpkins are displayed.

2. Halloween pumpkin carving contest

Visitors here can also take part in a Halloween pumpkin carving contest, you know. This contest can be followed by children as well as adults. If you have trouble, you will be guided by expert carvers, really. You can bring pumpkins from home or buy them here. The winner can take home attractive prizes. Really exciting, right?

3. Canoe pumpkin race

This unique event is quite popular and never empty of visitors. A giant pumpkin was punched with holes and turned into a canoe. Athletes ride this pumpkin canoe and whoever rows the fastest can win championships and cash prizes, you know. Interesting to try, right?

4. German pumpkin weighing championship

The German Pumpkin Weigh-Off Championship is the largest pumpkin search ever grown in Germany. Visitors have been amazed at the weight of Matthias Würsching’s giant pumpkin, which weighs up to 901 kilograms.

A bonus of 1,000 euros is offered to any Competitor whose earnings weight can exceed the defending champion.

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5. Hunt for all kinds of pumpkin culinary, from soup to beer

There are many food stands throughout the festival area selling a wide variety of processed pumpkin dishes. You can taste pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin paste, pumpkin strudel, and many more.

Here you can also enjoy pumpkin soup which is eaten with rolls. As much as 1 euro per portion from sales of soup here will be donated, you know.

The beer and pumpkin wine here are also quite popular. Diners who tasted it for the first time were sure to buy more to take home.

6. Please visit Ludwigsburg Palace

This festival is held behind the Ludwigsburg Palace. No wonder so many visitors feel at home for long. How not, just a walk in the garden and the palace grounds, you will be presented with beauty. You can even go on a guided tour of the palace interior if you want to know more.

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