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Must Visit Traditional Festivals in Spain

Must Visit Traditional Festivals in Spain

Must Visit Traditional Festivals in Spain – Spain is one of the countries that often conducts gatherings and make festival parties that attract tourists.

Spain is indeed famous for its exotic natural beauty and unique local cultural traditions.

The people of Spain are known to enjoy getting together and throwing parties so the country has many festive festivals that can attract both foreign and domestic tourists. In fact, some of these festivals have been held for centuries.

Located in several regions in Spain and regularly held every year, these are the five most lively festivals that you should attend while on vacation in Spain.

1. San Fermin

San Fermin is the most controversial festival in Spain which is held in the northern city of Pamplona.

Reporting from the Tripsavvy page, the San Fermin festival is held in July, where hundreds of participants will take to the streets and be confronted by ferocious bulls. Even though it is very dangerous, this festival is always attended by many people and spectators who look enthusiastic and excited.

The first time the San Fermin festival was held was in 1591 which took place in a much simpler atmosphere than it is today.

2. Las Fallas

If you want to see the most lively festivals at night then come to the city of Valencia in mid-March.

Las Fallas is a unique traditional festival where many people later make decorations and giant statues made of paper and burn them simultaneously at night. That way, you will witness the enormous flames of the crowd cheering.

Las Fallas takes place in a few days and has attracted the attention of many foreign tourists to visit the city of Valencia. This festival has been held for more than 200 years.

3. La Tamborrada

Winter holidays in Spain will be even more exciting by watching the La Tamborrada festival.

Reporting from the Traveltriangle page, La Tamboradda was held in early January at New Year’s turn. Later you will see lots of drum players consisting of adult men, women to children who play drum instruments with predetermined rhythms.

La Tamborrada will run for 24 hours non-stop and is considered the loudest festival in the country of Spain. What’s fun is, you can also participate in playing the drums at this festival.

4. Feria Del Caballo

Feria Del Caballo is a festival that you must visit when traveling to Spain. Here, you will see many people riding horses looking like cowboys. In addition, visitors can enjoy various dances and traditional arts from the local community.

This festival is held in mid-May which takes place in the city of Jerez. There are also more than 250 stalls selling various knick-knacks and Spanish specialties.

5. Boloencierro

Located in the Madrid region, the boloencierro festival is a modern version of the tradition of running with the bulls which is considered dangerous. Participants will be faced with a giant ball that weighs up to 150 kilograms and a diameter of 3 meters as a substitute for the bull.…